Published on December 21st, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


PS Vita Sells in Excess of 300K Units in the First Week

However, compared to their main rival the 3DS, the PS Vita is seeing slower sales right from the door.

As Adriasang reports, the price of the console is the biggest hurdle. NO SHIT! The prices in Singapore are faring no better as well. Even the cheapest game store in Singapore,, is selling them at a price higher than what we usually see in a handheld (disclaimer: I worked there before).

However, what really interests me was that the timing of which the mega blockbuster, Monster Hunter 3G, was released. I’m pretty sure that had to do a lot with stealing the thunder away from the initial sales of the PS Vita.

After all, Monster Hunter is by far the biggest reason why the original Playstation Portable was so popular in the first place. And in turn meant good business for analog replacement services.

Monster Hunter 3G did well to raise the flagging sales of the 3DS in Japan but compared to the rest of the world, all the 3DS needs is a new Pokemon.

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