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My Stand on Free-to-Play Games

Once upon a time, I had absolutely detested Free-to-Play (F2P) games to the core.

Such games were often laggy, hacker infested and had no proper game mechanics at all other than pure grinding. These games often encouraged players to spend real life cash to gain ‘boosts’ in order to get further into the game, otherwise it would be near impossible to get to, say, max the character level without such ‘boosts’ in a reasonable time frame. The idea of placing such obstacles was core in many F2P games.

While this phenomenon still exists to a certain degree, developers have been more generous in implementation and have allowed players of F2P games to enjoy content without possibly spending a single cent.

At present, F2P games such as Dragon Nest and League of Legends, amongst many others, have been leading the charge the rehabilitate the image of F2P games. Games that were once Pay-to-Play such as City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online have been an immense boost to the F2P model and have been also given a second lease of life as a result.

I had played all the games mentioned above and felt that the level of polish found within these titles are highly comparable to the P2Ps. Nonetheless, differences do persist and often P2P games come up top. But, that is not the point of this article.

As compared to the past, I would not have touched a F2P game with a stick.  In my opinion, these days, things are looking up. I now view F2P games as a good way for fellow budding gamers to get their feet wet especially in the MMO genre at close to zero cost.

Interested? Do check out Dragon Nest & League of Legends, depending on which genre you prefer and I am pretty sure that you would be pleasantly surprised!

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