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How to Heal as a Imperial Agent / Smuggler – Noobs Guide for Low Levels

This guide serves to give new players a quick rundown on the sequence of heals to be used and their priority. The Operative and Scoundrel are mirror classes and hence the skills can be used interchangeable.

For a start, my skill specialization went straight for a pure healbot mode. Aim to get Kolto Probe / Slow-release Medpac by level 20.

When I first started my Operative, I was a little rough around the edges. Then this following guide gave me a good insight into the class.

In summary, start with:


Two casts of

Followed by

Weave in for patch heals, especially good while on the run

  • Rule of thumb is NOT to spam your skills to keep energy levels higher than 60%
  • Keep Stim Boost with 100% uptime.
  • Cast Infusion at max Tactical Advantage to make full use of the Medical Consult talent (Tier 2)
  • Cast Adrenaline Probe if you do blow all your energy spamming heals. 20% is optimum.

There you have it, the BASICS of healing as an Imperial Agent / Smuggler. I do welcome comments and thoughts as I am learning this fairly new game.

Remember not the spam your energy and try to keep the level above 60%. If you see 4 opponents on a heal target, he’s probably dead but an exception to this rule is the ball carrier!

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