Published on December 12th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Chrono Trigger Released for iOS

One of my favourite RPGs from the SNES gets a second life on the iPhone and iPad.

Some have said that Chrono Trigger was by far the best RPG ever to be released and this would be the opportune time for younger gamers to enjoy the title.

However, it seems that no all is well when the game jumped onto the iOS. Initial user reviews are stating that the port is nothing to shout about especially in the graphics and controls department.

It kinda feels like Square Enix is rushing out all their franchise titles in order to keep the lights on.

That being said, nostalgia is a pair of rose tinted glasses and I guess fans wouldn’t mind jumping into Chrono Trigger one more time. I hope to be able to post my impressions of the game soon!

via [Apple App Store]

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