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Why You Should / Should Not Get Star Wars: The Old Republic

I had the opportunity to try Star Wars: The Old Republic out over the weekend and it was the best beta experience that I had ever tried. There was close to non-existent lag in the game and apart from that, it looked as if the game was very much ready for release.

Why You Should Buy The Game

  1. It is Star Wars. Enough said. And it is polished enough to the point that you won’t feel like your childhood is being destroyed.
  2. Good latency. Unlike many other Western MMOs, Asians get the short end of the stick. Thankfully, the beta showed that the latency for myself was very playable even in PVP at < 300ms
  3. Dialogue and immersion. If you love plenty of voice acting, SW:TOR has it on loads. What quest text? The game is full of fully voiced NPCs and plenty of options.
  4. Familiar UI. If you played WoW, you will feel right at home with this game.
  5. Crafting. As far as I know, crafting in this game requires almost no action from the player and is purely based on the time. Send your companion to do the gathering and he would be back after the deed is done. Crafting powerlevelers will not approve.
  6. Dungeons. Or Flashpoints as they are called in the game. I liked how you would be able to get in with as little as 2 players. I tried the same dungeon with different number of players and it was not the same experience twice. I won all the loot btw 😀

Why You Should Not Buy This Game

  1. It’s WoW all over again. Have something better to do in real life? Yup, you should probably do that, nothing big to be missed here.
  2. Classes. While WoW has been trying it’s best to simplify the leveling process and skills. SW:TOR is back to the old school. Pick a sub class at level 10 and get locked into it. Forever. Plenty of skills to pump your points in adds to confusion.
  3. Loot Ninjas. With no restrictions on loot based according to classes, players are pretty much at the mercy of selfish players who will need every piece of drops irregardless if they are able to use it or not.
  4. Pay to Play. We are looking at USD$60 initially with a recurring sub.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a good game in its own right. Inevitably, there will be comparisons to WoW. The game is similar in so many ways but it also has all the problems that plagued WoW for a good time. I’m pretty adverse to bottlenecking classes and lack of a dual spec. And of course loot ninjas.

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