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Published on October 6th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


RIP – Steve Jobs

Funny how when I first started with Apple, I hated it to the core. No games?? Or rather the availability was pretty dismal in Singapore.

I remember the first Apple computer I used, it was this grey, tiny cpu + monitor combo that ran on Mac OS 7. Most of the time spent was on it ‘playing’ with paint and changing the wallpapers. As time moved on, we did get a better computer that was able to run more games (hurrah!) and I distinctly remember spending a good part of my time on the mac changing the icons of every possible folder.

My first personal mac was a Bondi iMac, playing Diablo 2 on that with the default mouse was the real terror. Diablo within the game was nothing compared to the battled I waged with the mouse. Bloody Apple button + Click to activate the right click function.

Then came the first iPod. Wow. Got it when it first hit the market for Christmas. Bye bye mini disc with yr analog recording. I still have it and the box, but it didn’t make it though the spill in my field pack.

Worked at Apple SEA, and was surrounded by every possible Mac made (almost) and that even included the Cube. Sliced open the box of the then brand new Macbook Pro 12” and 17” models.

I guess I have to thank Steve Jobs for all these memories, but there’s no need to feel sad for him. Having battled cancer, I would think he would be in a much better place now. So, we should feel happy for him instead.

RIP Steve Jobs.

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