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Published on October 12th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Dungeon Hunters: Alliance Review

Hidden deep within the PSN store, Dungeon Hunters: Alliance is a gem waiting to be discovered. Unlike many of the other multiplayer hack-and-slash games out there on the online store, Dungeon Hunters: Alliance may not be the freshest but it fills the void of multiplayer titles found on the PS3 perfectly.

While one may write down this game as a Diablo/Torchlight clone, Dungeon Hunters takes on the concept well and offers players the real fun behind such games – The loot. Frankly speaking, out of the many multiplayer games that are offered on the PSN store, only Castle Crashers would be able to go toe-to-toe with this title. Other titles such as a the retro X-Men and upgraded version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are great for nostalgia but the fun factor gets stale pretty fast.

Before carrying on reading this review, ask yourself this simple question: Have you played Diablo before? Did you enjoy it? Are you looking for something that is able to be a pretty darn close perfect substitute? If you answered “Yes!” to any to the above, stop reading and get the game now! Otherwise, read on!

Much like the first Diablo, Dungeon Hunters: Alliance is a back to basics isometric dungeon crawler game. Classes are limited to a Warrior, Rogue and Mage. Think of each as being able to dish out similar amounts of damage at the higher levels with the Warrior being the most newbie friendly and the Mage being a more challenging character especially at the early levels. Depending on how familiar you are with such games, to start with the Warrior is a prudent choice. I started Dungeon Hunters with a Warrior and found that the game was really easy especially once your character was able to hit the core skills required to turn the game into a cakewalk. The Warrior was able to hold his own right from the very beginning all the way to the end. While a tad softer, the Rogue trades more damage at the cost of being more fragile and the Mage is always the glass cannon archtype for such games.

Similar to Diablo (again!) is that each character class has its own unique skill tree and upon leveling up, players have to make the important decision to choose which skills they think would be able to best aid them in dungeon crawling. In addition, players gain stats that allow them to stay ahead of each dungeon’s difficulty curve. Stat point allocation is pretty much straight forward – Each character class focuses into their core stat and endurance. To some gamers, the ability (or the lack of) being able to tailor make their classes into say, a warrior mage, might be a negative in their books. However, by pumping your points into where it really should be is when the fun really starts! Before long, there will be no need to chug potions like a thirsty traveller, and your character would be dishing out tremendous amounts of pain before even receiving any!

The most entertaining part of this game, mentioned right from the beginning, would be the loot and items to deck out your character from head to toe. It simply won’t be a dungeon crawler without this feature. Promptly trade away a +3 damage sword for a new +4 damage sword? Loot was the reason why this game was made for in the first place. Interestingly enough, the developers of the game seem to know that as well. At times, the amount of drops that one can receive from dungeons can be staggeringly frequent (but never the item you really need) that they have implemented a feature to auto converted items of a lesser quality into gold automatically.

Loot aside, Dungeon Hunters is always best played with friends. With so much items to share, there’s plenty of love to be spread around! Another amazing thing that I have to highlight is how well the game controls. Having played the game on both the iPad and PS3, the Dualshock is where it really hits home. The online aspect is a tad flaky but for local multiplayer it is as close to Champions of Norrath from yesteryear, give and take.

Dungeon Hunters: Alliance is a well polished product for an already seasoned genre. The price will put some off for a game of its size and depth but nonetheless it would be a worthy addition to your video game library. Do check it out if you are a fan of dungeon crawlers, otherwise, wait for a sale to grab it on the cheap.

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