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Published on October 1st, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


A.V.A – Alliance of Valiant Arms Singapore Preview

I had the honor of checking Alliance of Valiant Arms or otherwise known as A.V.A out this evening and was surprised at how polished free-to-play(F2P) games can be these days.

Like many F2P games, microtransactions are the backbone of the business. Players either earn in game currency slow or choose to boost their characters with real life cash. However, the playing field is rather balanced as more affluent gamers do not actually have a distinct advantage unlike many of the similar F2P FPS games out there. If anything, A.V.A requires a degree of skill in order to excel in the game. So park your imbalances at the door and enjoy the ride!

From the short preview, each gun and class has a distinct advantage/disadvantage. For added depth, each gun can be further customized to buff the passive stats of the existing weapon. In order to fund your gun addiction, simply play and win more to gain more in game currency, Euros, and you would be on your path to owning every available weapon and upgrade in store.

A.V.A has pretty much packed every single possible FPS game mode into it. After all, having been released since 2007 in Korea, A.V.A has been subject to plenty of love from the developers with its constant patches and updates; a trait rarely seen in most F2P games.

The main highlight of the entire experience was how smooth the game was in terms of ping. In an FPS, your latency is what it all boils down to. While a skilled player will probably triumph over a novice consistently, but if handicapped with a poor ping, the advantage skews towards the other court.

Having game servers based in Thailand, A.V.A looks to deliver pretty much the low latency performance that should accompany any FPS game. Players would be able to host their own games on the fly without having to purchase dedicated servers, which was exactly what happened at the preview. A game was created for us to hop in and it felt as though we were gaming over LAN. The experience? Flawless.

You can try out this game right now as the game is live in Thailand at the moment. Head on down to to grab the client and you would be all set.

Fair warning though, accounts would not be transferable to a Singaporean account once it is launched. So, you might want to hold back with the intense leveling for the time being.

Bookmark to prepare yourself for A.V.A for Singaporean audiences in the next few weeks to come!

P.S This article has so many abbreviations I’m surprised I haven’t gone into a abbreviation induced catatonic shock.

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