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Published on September 14th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Doh, Trailer! The Bald Dude is Max Payne!

Wow it’s sure been a long time since the name Max Payne was uttered.

I remember playing the game way back in Junior College on a friend’s laptop. Fast forward to 2003, I had a blast with the second while in army. And now, eight years later we find out that Max is in South America as a glorified Cisco bodyguard.

The shocker comes when we find out that the bald dude we have seen in the teaser poster is actually Max!

Back in the day, bullet-time was the awesome in thing and Max Payne was a good game to show off the tech. But now, many games have similar features and F.E.A.R is the best example of bullet-time in the present era.

Rockstar is doing what they have always done best but I’m wondering how they are going to move the franchise forward after all the GTAs and RDR. While pretty, Max Payne could simply just be another story driven game. I’m guessing it’s going to be free roam, side missions etc etc. Think of it as RDR in the present era.

I guess after all this while, I’ve become rather jaded as a gamer. Max Payne 3, please impress me.

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