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Published on September 25th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Annals of a Dying World of Warcraft Guild Part 6

<Part 5 here>

Whoa. It has been over a month since I’ve updated these chronicles. Too much happening in real life to reminisce about my virtual life.

So where did I leave off…ah yes…greener pastures.

It came to a point where finishing off the most simple of bosses was a torrid affair which ultimately cumulated into my off-tank showing up less for raids and eventually, job obligations claimed him forever. From this point on, the guild was in a full blown decay.

With the new patch on the horizon, we were overgeared but had not given proper attempts at Nefarian, Al Akir and even the Heroic modes of the raid dungeons.

The departure of the off-tank was a big blow. There was no one in the guild who was able to fill that role in terms of gear. To gear up that individual would set us back weeks. After a few raids with PUGs, random individuals scoured from the trade channel, success in clearing the remaining instances looked dim.

One of my last memories raiding was a very extended Chimaeron fight and an equally painful Conclave of Wind fight. While we were able to down both encounters, it look far longer than required. It was as though we were attempting these bosses for the first time. We had totally forgotten how the actual fight mechanics went. After months of narrating perhaps every fight, that was the one in which I had totally lost my voice to lead the raid. It was certainly disheartening.

That was the night the guild died.

If anything, the death of a guild would always start from the head. Looking back, I felt if I had thrown more energy and given more directed focus into pushing my raid members, we could have seen greater success. I had decided to take the slow and steady route but not everyone was aligned to the ideal.

I should have recruited harder to prevent myself from getting manpower issues but I had feared that a guild made of friends would find that hard to accept.

Hindsight is 20/20 and there are a million and one things that I could have done to prevent the slide but I guess I’d just leave it at that.

Just in case those that are reading these annals were hoping for some dirty laundry to be aired, I am sorry to disappoint you. Looking back, Cataclysm and being able to lead a raid full of friends was the best thing that I had done in a very long time. The months in which I had spent with all my guild members, coaching, coordinating, coaxing, ranting and bitching was, in all honesty, time well spent. If given the chance, I would do it all over again, but better.

Leading raids just reinforced my perspective to life. Every individual brings a different benefit to the table, it is not about picking the best parts to work with but making full use of all the resources that you have on hand to make it work. I still struggle to grasp with such affairs but it is just a lesson that you will never be able to pick up from a book.

I would just end things here and thank & apologize to every one from Hordobots that it was a pleasure raiding with you and I wish it could have brought the guild even further.

Thank you for reading my annals.

Gerald – Guild Master of  Hordobots

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