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Published on August 13th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


The Magic of Presentation: The Castle or the Angry Bird?

I learned that Angry Birds could have been inspired by a very similar game called Crush the Castle.

While Crush the Castle was released free in April 2009, it languished behind the presently popular, Angry Birds which was released in December 2009 in both free and paid forms.

In Crush the Castle, you launch projectiles from a trebuchet:

To a “castle” filled with troops:

The look of the game totally lost out to this eventually:

A similar games with 2 different fortunes.

Interestingly, the reception for 2 games which have the same underlying core, but skinned differently was reviewed quite differently. Crush the Castle took quite a big beating and was not covered in as many “publications”. Angry Birds on the other hand was stellar all round, don’t need me to go there. 

Guess even critics are suckers for eye candy.

Presentation, my friends, presentation.

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