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Published on August 17th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Dragon Nest is Worth a Shot!

Free to play MMOs in general are pretty much the same affair in and out. They mostly involve rather heavy grinding and little of anything else.

Since Dungeon & Dragons, Lord of the Rings and recently City of Heroes all went free to play(F2P), the competition for F2P MMOs just got hotter. After all, the abovementioned all started out as Pay-to-Play(P2P) which largely accounts for the deeper and richer gaming experience in terms of content.

Dragon Nest, which just opened its door for an open beta in Singapore and SEA, was an unexpected surprise (in a good way). While it is still largely a grind fest, there’s just something to it that makes the game feel better as compared to the other Asian F2P MMOs in the market. A friend commented that the game just has more polish that other Asian F2P MMOs, and I could not help but agree.

I spent a good 12 levels with this game and I am liking how it starts out. The game is really newbie friendly as Dragon Nest is pretty much an MMO on rails especially in the starting phases.

When you first start off picking a character, Dragon Nest gives you a good idea on what you would be getting into. After a short tutorial, the game finally starts proper. It takes some time to get used to the in-game camera because unlike the more popular MMOs in the market, there is no targeting lock-on. It basically plays like a over the shoulder Diablo.

Questing in Dragon Nest is a breeze. There is an online GPS system that directs you to where you need to be exactly. However, most of the game is instanced ala Guild Wars. Once you zone out of the quest hub, you are pretty much alone by yourself or with a pre arranged party. Grouping up is not a problem as well. One can choose to hop into predetermined groups or simply create one themselves. It took me a short 10 mins to form a small party of 3 to clear an instance. In addition, the game rewards players for grouping up with friends or continuously.

Despite having barely scratched the surface of this game, I can safely say that Dragon Nest is a good starting point for individuals who are interested to dip their toes into an MMO. The controls of the game are tight and responsive (unlike many F2P MMOs I’ve tried) and furthermore, despite the anime graphics, the game looks appealing in terms of eye candy.

Dragon Nest is currently in open beta and I strongly encourage giving it a go. You can download the client here.

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