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Published on August 17th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Annals of a Dying World of Warcraft Guild Part 5

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The main problem that was raised to me by an individual (and at times more) within my raid was that hardly anyone read the strats of the fight before we attempted it.

While it might be rather harsh observation, but not reading up on the fight mechanics, especially the finer details of a fight, impeded our progress.

In my previous post, I commented that Cataclysm was the easiest expansion in WoW ever. I am able to back this up rather strongly as I felt in many of the virgin boss kills we accomplished, was due to many of my raiders having seen similar fights in the previous expansions.

Throw in something new, like Atramedes, and the frustration sets in.

I do recall having to narrate some fights, play by play, phase by phase, to the extent that it became a challenge to tank and monitor the entire raid and their roles at the same time.

Admittedly, I confess to being not one of the most competent gamers out there. While I do believe that I do possess a fair amount of dexterity to accomplish the job, having to juggle additional responsibilities by lending a third eye for some raiders increases the difficultly for me to lead a raid.

At some point of the game, I had contemplated swapping to a dps role to be more effective at raid leading but that notion was dropped due to time, gear and class constraints.

The frustration does not set in right from the beginning, but rather, when said bosses have moved into “farm” status. 

“Farm” status simply refers to a boss you have killed at least 3 times and are confident at finishing him off in as few attempts as possible.

But, when you take an entire night to kill one of these bosses, tempers start to flare. It gets any raider thinking “Why am I wasting time raiding when we are making no headway?”

Hence the start of the breakdown of the guild and pretty much every guild that I have ever been in..

Maybe it is just a Singaporean thing to seek greener pastures when the going gets tough, but for many of us there just was better things to do on your weeknights other than gaming.

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