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Published on July 15th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


My tumblr numbers: 369 Visitors! And a tumblr review.

It’s been a month since I installed Google Analytics to keep track on how well my tumblr blog and I’m proud to say that I am rather happy with the results! 369 visitors is certainly a very welcome number and I do hope to grow that in the months to come.

Tumblr is by far the easier blogging tools out there to post content but it does come with a HUGE drawback. Your posts are poison to the Google crawler and so even if you wrote really awesome content, it would take a big break to make it onto Google.

For myself, most of the traffic sources originate on other social networks I am on such as Twitter & Facebook.

As you can see, search engines only account for 5% of my total traffic. So I guess there is no better time than to thank for friends and followers for checking me out!

The odd thing about tumblr is that “tagging” does little to help SEO, rather, it throws your post into a great mass of posts that are tagged the same way. A good example would be if you subscribed to the “lol” tag and I tag one of my posts the same way, there is a chance that my post would gain visibility. Just like Google, the more interactions with my post in the form of “Reblogs” or “Likes” the higher a post would appear on the tag feed.

I love tumblr, I really do. I love it how it is able to auto post nicely to Twitter & Facebook. I love it how I am able to categorize all posts in a myriad of ways. I love it how tumblr just keeps things simple while looking great.

I do hope that tumblr stays relevant especially when Google+ is out and pray that they would not prefer their Blogger format over tumblr for integration.

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