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Published on July 22nd, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Life, and the many masks we wear.

I just came across a rather unsavory character in my line of work. Apparently, he was not satisfied in which he was sold a product and decided to take his concerns onto a platform in which he would be heard the loudest.

In my attempt to placate this individual, the telephone exchange under 30 seconds ended with him hanging up on me. This got me really mad.

After venting my frustrations out, I eventually realized that getting angry at him was a waste of energy. So, well, I’d just leave it at that.

The interesting part about this person was that with further digging, I realized that he was a self styled author of sorts and engages the elderly. On top of that, he appeared to me that he was a rather devout Christian as many of his exchanges ended off with a blessing. That got me thinking of the different faces this individual wears in his daily life.

To his peers and potential publishers, I believe he portrays himself as a very energetic and enthusiastic individual, in which he wants to further his dream as an author.

To the elderly, he gives them the impression that he is caring and concerned at their well being.

To those within his religious circle, he dispenses goodwill and charity.

But to me, it appears that I have faced the other side of this individual, who bears hatred and a venomous tongue. See, how easy it is for someone to lose himself.

I’ve seen at least 4 aspects of his personality, in which 3 are desirable traits but one that is highly deplorable. How does someone like that reserve all that rage to unleash it upon someone who would like to help them (aka myself).

I guess, we seek approval from those who we wish to see us in a favorable light but display contempt to those that have little impact or have little use in our lives. It must be quite hard to treat everyone with the same respect. I, myself, am guilty of so at times.

Is it not hard to juggle that many masks in life? I’m no expert but I imagine it must be quite tiring.

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