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Published on July 7th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Interesting, now that Sony and Nintendo are on the same page to push gaming forward, will Microsoft follow?

Wii U Will Support 3D TVs According to Iwata

Nintendo has announced that the Wii U will support 3D TVs, however 3D games will not be their main focus.

If you are going to connect Wii U with a home TV capable of displaying 3D images, technologically, yes, it is going to be possible, but that’s not the area we are focusing on. When it comes to 3D, we already have the 3DS, and each owner of the Nintendo 3DS is capable of viewing 3D images. However, when it comes to the home console, it depends upon the availability of 3D TV sets at home, which, unfortunately, is not expanding enough. And rather than pouring a lot of energy into that kind of area, with the Wii U we’d like to focus more on each Wii U owner being able to have an equal opportunity to enjoy it.” —Satoru Iwata said to Mercury News

So, basically, Nintendo won’t be setting their primary focus on 3D games, but the Wii U will still support it. This is a huge improvement compared to the Wii which couldn’t support HD. Maybe we’ll see some third-party 3D games in the future for the Wii U?

(via: joystiq)

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