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Published on July 11th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Annals of a Dying World of Warcraft Guild Part 2

<Part 1 here>

Cataclysm was a breeze to level. With only 5 additional levels to gain and with guild perks, it made a once tiresome affair a pretty short one.

For the seasoned individuals in my guild, leveling was only a hurdle that one had to overcome. The real end game only started at 85.

But before anyone is able to enter the end game raids, one had to spend his days combing dungeon after dungeon in order to be equipped sufficiently to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.

For myself, as a tank, the journey to and at the top was the smoothest sailing I had experienced in all my years in World of Warcraft.

This was all thanks to the dungeon finder system. If you chose to take up the burden of being a tank or a healer, gearing yourself was a pretty brisk affair. Due to the shortage of these 2 roles, a dungeon queue, which places you in a party of random individuals, takes no more than 5 minutes to get in.

In comparison, classes that deal damage, aka DPS, could spend upwards of 30 minutes to get into a dungeon.

This resulted in a disparity in gear especially when one hit level 85. DPS classes took a potentially longer time to gear up while cloth healers could nonetheless be subject to loot ‘ninjas’. All these barriers made the preparation to experience the entire World of Warcraft content rather daunting, even more so if you could only squeeze 2 hours a night to play.

Nonetheless, the guild came through in fine style, in which most of us were relatively geared in order to proceed with raiding.

By then, I had already 2 geared 85 tanks. I did say it was very easy to clear a tank right? 😀


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