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Published on June 13th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Back in February, I was invited to take a peek at once vapourware Duke Nukem Forever at Take 2’s offices in Singapore:

Little did I realize that taking a back seat in that session was the best things to have happened to me for Duke Nukem Forever.

The newest Duke is honestly one of the poorest FPS-es I’ve played in the modern era. And it is such a pity when it involves of my favorites from the past.

For a game that prides itself for being less serious about itself in general, Duke Nukem Forever seems to have caught itself by trying to offer something for every gamer.

You have your regular vehicle turret sequences, waves of onrushing enemies and vehicular sections but they were all as flat as a can of Coke left open for the past 12 years. Comparing this to Bulletstorm that was released earlier this year, Duke Nukem pales so badly in terms of climax and memorable set pieces that he should have remained out of sight for his own good.

Gearbox either seemed to have simply inherited the game as is or forgot polish up the game before release. The entire playthrough experience was excruciating for me to plow through.

Duke Nukem Forever does have it’s bright moments with it’s use of environmental puzzles and boss battles but that’s about it. It became quite tiresome to wade through the levels about three hours into the game.

My biggest pet peeve would be that Duke Nukem Forever only allows you to holster up to two other weapons at any one time. Just another moment where Duke is caught up between all the genres of modern day FPS-es.

The weapons found in the game as still as fun as the original albeit underpowered but it matters little when you are forced to make a choice. I made through the entire game with a shotgun and the RPG. How my fanboy heart wept.

I’ve honestly never given a game a damning review before considering each has many merits marred by poor execution; Duke Nukem Forever is just not one of them. The game is so poor executed on so many fronts and pointless sequences, I wish I had never touched it.

No wonder my friend told me to give Red Faction: Armageddon a look over Duke Nukem Forever. How I regret not heeding his advice.

Bought the game? My sympathies to you. Considering the game? It’s poor review scores are an accurate reflection of what it is.

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