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Published on June 21st, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


Chairman Yang of the Hive looks like….

Just purchased Alpha Centauri from GOG, and it suddenly struck me that one of the faction leaders looks remarkably like someone all Singaporeans know.

The HIVE is:

A totalitarian faction founded on the principles of security and control, probably based on Legalism. They are controlled by Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang of Great China, the former Executive Officer (second-in-command) for the Unity mission, who tends to see his people as only being of value if they contribute to the growth of society.  The Hive has its growth rate boosted by 10% and its brutal serfdom decreases the mineral cost of units and facilities by 10%; however, the lack of political freedom causes each base to generate one fewer unit of energy per turn. The Chairman is the proverbial “incorruptible man”, and watches his subordinates closely for any sign of laziness or corruption, with him and his immediate circle of advisers in command – thanks to this, the Hive has an immunity to inefficiency caused by social engineering choices; this greatly bolsters the Police State government favored by Yang as it removes negative side effects caused by that choice. The Hive may not use a Democratic government, and is wary of religious hyperbole.

Sounds too familiar. I now appreciate the game a whole lot more.

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