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Published on May 19th, 2011 | by Gerald Chan


An example of a good idea having poor execution. And it is quite a pity as the app is built as a proper iPad magazine unlike the PDF scans that are mostly found.

STYLE magazine is produced by Mediacorp and they are ahead of the curve as compared to other Singaporean magazines that can be found on the iPad in terms of presentation.

Even HWM pales in comparison.

Stop taking the easy way out by just dumping your print format and serve it up on a “PDF” is all I can say.

Taking the effort to actually produce an e-mag for the iPad would be time consuming nonetheless but it goes to show the publisher is not treating their potential readers as idiots.

Seen the Wired magazine App? If STYLE provided the latest issue free, especially when advertising offline, would create an even greater draw. Who would want to read an issue 5 months old especially if it pertains to fashion?

STYLE Magazine Singapore for iPad

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